Who We Are?

DISA is Association of Canadian Punjabi Women Ontario which is born on 8th March, 2014. Since then working with the South Asian Community to solve women/gender issues as well as spreading awareness of Canadian constitutional rights of women.

Our Mission

  • Spread awareness of Canadian constitutional rights of women.
  • Spread awareness of Canadian social security settings for women.
  • Intensively work in the Punjabi women and community in the family settings.
  • Assisting women in combating patriarchy.
  • Assisting women in recognizing abuse –social, verbal, mental & physical and working with them to eradicate all forms of violence in their lives.
  • Helping women progress by providing them education on health & wellness in he aspects of maternal health and general wellness.
  • Providing training and education to enhance economic and social status, develop leadership skills.
  • WE campaign for women’s interests and advocate change at the highest levels.


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