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Paramjit Deol

Secretary, DISHA

Punjabi poetess and stage actress Paramjit grew up in Nakodar town in Jalandhar and then migrated to Canada in 2003. She completed her BA from National College Nakodar and Masters from Guru Nanak Dev University. She has authored three poetry books: ‘Sahaan Di Pattari’ (2013) ‘Mein Ikk Risham’ (2015), and ‘Toon Katt Birha’ (2017). ‘Sahaan Di Pattari’ has also been published in Shamukhi. Other than that, her poems have been published in many anthologies and magazines, both in India and Pakistan. She also actively participates in Punjabi stage dramas, especially those addressing women’s issues, and has earned a remarkable recognition in acting. Paramjit actively participates in various literary and social organizations. She is Vise-President of Kalam Foundation since 2008; this organization has organized three world Punjabi conferences. She is the General Secretary of Disha, an organization advocating women’s rights. She also works with ‘Asees’ organization that helps people in need. Besides, Paramjit is a Toronto area Convenor of Punjabi Komantari Chandigarh Organization. She also represents Darpan magazine, an editor of Online Punjabi Akhbaar, and hosts a weekly TV show ‘Kalmi Parvaar’, a Hamdard TV broadcast from Toronto. Paramjit’s dedication to social and literary causes has earned her numerous recognitions. Paramjit is blessed to have her daughter, two sons, and her husband’s active participation in her activities. 22 Bucksaw Street Brampton, ON, Canada